Naturally Luxe

Monthly Subscription Box Service

Naturally Luxe is an aromatherapy subscription service mindfully created for free-sprited women who have a deep appreciation for the abundant luxuries provided by nature and all of its wonders.

Featured products include artisan skincare, hand poured candles, luxury bath bombs, meditation aids, aromatherapy oils, gemstones and more!

This fragrant box is designed to uplift your spirits and help facilitate an effective self-care ritual every month.

We have 6 styles to choose from. Your core products will be selected from your chosen scent profiles and we will also add NEW products to your Naturally Luxe Box every month.

Naturally Luxe Subsciption Box Service 1 month.png

Month -to- Month $39/mo

Naturally Luxe Subscription Box Service 3 months.png

3 months $35/mo

Naturally Luxe Subscription Box Service 6 months.png

6 months $30/mo


Get started by selecting your monthly plan, then choose the scent profile that speaks to you the most. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.