Personalized Affirmation Candle 7oz

Personalized Affirmation Candle 7oz


These natural soy candles pack a powerful message! They’re dressed in positive affirmations to reach beyond your sense of sight. The candles in our esteem collection make perfect get well gifts as they are designed to lift your spirits. Smell the crisp energizing aromas. Speak love and light into your space. Remind yourself daily that you are truly DIVINE and worthy of praise! You are cherished. Light a candle and let go of any thoughts that are tugging at your confidence.

You can customize these soy candles!

Want to share a special message with someone lovely? Say it with a Scent! Add your own words to our candle. Simply leave us a message when you place your order and we will add it to the label.

Choose from the following phrases:

-Believe You Can and You Will

-Follow Your Dreams

-Just Good Vibes

-Make It Happen

-You are Loved

- I am ____________. (You Fill in the Blank)

-Be Blessed


-Print Your Own Message.

***Keep in mind, the more characters you use, the smaller your text will be displayed on the candle label.

Once you've decided on the phrase, select the scent to match your saying!

Bamboo Orchid

Bergamot + White Tea

Hazelnut in Heaven

Lavender Rose

Peachy Keen

Sage + Citrus

Sandalwood Vanilla

Have fun with it!

Have a women's empowerment event coming up or a self care subscription box service? We do offer wholesale! Contact us and we would be happy to assist you with your bulk custom candle needs.

Our soy candles are made with premium quality ingredients.

*Wax: Soy. 100% vegetable based from American-farmed soy beans, kosher, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

*Wick: Eco. Coreless, cotton flat braid wick with paper filament throughout

*Fragrance: Phthalate Free. Approved for use in candle manufacturing.

*Average Burn Time 42 hours.

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