Fanciful Classic Soy Candle

Fanciful Classic Soy Candle


Fanciful is a refreshing combination of fruit and floral fragrances. It makes a perfect every day candle. It's a darling blend of crisp, mouth watering green apple, lavender and delicate lilacs balanced with a bite of ginger. This scent is sure to tickle your fancy with the sweet and energizing atmosphere it creates. Infuse your space with radiance and cheerful energy when you add our inviting Fanciful scented soy candle to the party.

Fanciful is a 100% Soy Candle from our Classic - Soy Candle Collection. The Classic Collection is a curated set of traditional fragrances with a splash of sophistication and luxury. They have a sleek and simple design making them truly timeless candles. Brighten any room with strong scented, plain white candles that will compliment any style décor. An excellent year round luxury gift idea for housewarming or self-care bundles.

Each pure soy candle was carefully crafted and hand poured in USA. Made with Eco-friendly ingredients!

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