Whipped Body Batter - Vanilla Mint

Whipped Body Batter - Vanilla Mint


Vanilla + Mint Scented Body Butter

Our body butter is whipped and whipped again to give a light fluffy, spreadable touch. This body butter was carefully crafted with a unique combination of skin softening, moisturizing oils and raw organic shea butter. It's creamy light and fluffy batter will feel like heaven after a nice warm bath or shower. Soothing, smoothing delicate treat that feels so satisfying to glide all over your body. This truly is the best body butter for itchy, dry skin. Works wonderfully as a massage cream too! If you're in need of a paraben-free, all 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly body frosting, this is the treat for you!

***Users report the best time to use their Whipped Body Batter™ is within 5-10 minutes after showering for maximum results.

***We ship our whipped body butter in dishwasher safe, food-grade glass jars that we encourage you to reuse for your own purposes. Follow our pinterest board for ideas on how to upcycle your mason jars. https://www.pinterest.com/NaturallyLuxe/

***Handcrafted, Made to Order in the USA and contains the following natural ingredients:

raw organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter

***Each jar contains approximately 4 oz of batter.

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