Founder's 30th Birthday Bash + Wish list

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How does it feel being 30? The same as it did being 29, just with a little more sass.

Growing up, I thought 30 was “old.” I had all of these ideas about what I should have accomplished by the time I hit this milestone. I wanted to be married and have my own business and travel the world and live my best life. And I’m doing that. Correction: I have yet to travel to a few of my bucket list places but unfortunately I discovered I hate flying, so I find excuses not to. Maybe before I’m 40 I’ll take that flight, I’ll book that cruise, who knows. The main difference I notice now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, is that I’m less occupied with putting a date on the “extras” and instead just going with the flow and living in the now. I don’t need to rush. My bliss is here, creating wonderful memories with my family, my Amenta’s Key extended family and friends, living in my workspace and dreaming up fun and exciting ways to deliver love and light to my community.

What’s on my wish-list this year?

The last couple years have been a roller coaster ride. Deaths, births, cross country moving, downsizing, expanding and everything in between. Nothing short of divine transformation.

We’re looking forward to quite a few things in the 2nd half of 2019.

We have an indiegogo campaign running to help open our 1st retail location, so naturally I would love if everyone supported our vision for the new and improved Amenta’s Key!<—- click here.

As far as birthday gifts go, I’d be happy with a weekend at the beach and bottomless Margaritas, but here are a few items I’m diggin' pretty hard right now.

If you want IN on the birthday fun,

WE Have a yummy birthday tREAt for you!


If you’re a VIP member, there is a bonus treat for you too!

Check the facebook group for a video with the details.

As always, Thanks for checking in with us! Let us know if we can help you with anything.

Love and Light,

Aunyx B. & The Amenta’s Key Team