Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors…


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors… Whether your special day is a year or two from now or a month away, the details of planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful. There’s a lot of moving parts in organizing any event, and although it is very exciting, wedding planning is also very overwhelming. You want to enjoy your day with your soon to be spouse and you want your guests to have a great time too!

One of the things on your wedding checklist, we can actually help you check off! Yay!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors….


No matter which experience you choose to give your guests at your wedding, intimate and small or lavish and over the top, the keepsakes you provide them will be a reminder of the love and fun they shared with you. Consider how the favors will be used. Your guests are more apt to appreciate practical gifts that they can either eat or use later on. You're going to want to stick to your theme and color scheme with your favors. This will make for a seamless experience and make your life so much easier.


Depending on your time constraints and the amount of keepsakes you need, you can take the DIY approach.  The best part of DIY-ing your favors is they can be extremely fun to do and would give a unique, more personal touch. This although, budget friendly, also has a few cons associated. You may not be as crafty as you originally thought and the project could be a complete bust. Also, extremely time consuming. There’s a lot more to planning a wedding than the favors, don’t let them take over the entire experience. If you take the DIY route, may we suggest creating a production schedule. This way you can break down the crafting into small doses and stay stress free. Spread it out over a few days, weeks ideally. Create an assembly line and stay organized and on schedule. Pinterest and Instagram are the go-to's for all things wedding inspiration if you need more ideas!nick-karvounis-402158-unsplash.jpg

To save on time, you can purchase favors. Leave it to the pros. Let them do the hard work and you and your bridesmaids spend your days leading to the wedding sipping mimosas and having fun! This approach can get costly depending on your preferences, but thankfully there are options for every budget. Still want the handmade look and feel without the hassle? Go to etsy. There are literally thousands of options to choose from that are customizable as well. If you choose to purchase your favors, make sure to do this well in advance. Wedding vendors are often booked during the season and may not be able to accept a last minute request. Give them time to put your their best foot forward. Many shops have options ready to ship as well.

Once you've decided what the favor will be. Packaging is the next problem to solve. The benefit of purchasing your keepsakes from a pro is they typically have options for you to select. But here is where you can really add your personal flair. Again, stick to the theme of your wedding. You can one stop shop it from a vendor, or you can DIY this. has a wide variety of wholesale packaging options at affordable prices. They have boxes, ribbons, pouches, you name it and you do not need a wholesale or tax id to take advantage of their bulk pricing.

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