Dream Building - Vision Boards for the Win!

A quick summary of what a vision board is and how it is useful: A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. Typically, it is made in a collage form. It's a collection of imagery and/or positive statements that serve the purpose of bringing your attention to achieving a goal. The idea behind it is "seeing is believing." It's essentially a way to have your desires in your possession, relieving the mental energy surrounding manifesting them. We're definitely over-simplifying the psychology involved with your subconscious and visually stimulating certain parts of your brain, but it's not that deep, or at least it doesn't have to be. In fact, the less thought you project on creating a vision board, in our experience, the faster your ego will step out of the way. Don't spend time agonizing about what you don't have, just relax and focus on what you want. You can use:

Recycled Magazines


Free Printables

Scrapbook Embellishments


It can be large or small, free standing or framed. Display your board however you choose. Scatter your decals or grid them, it doesn't need to have a particular structure or composition. This is for you, not for anyone else.

Get creative, use your imagination. It doesn't need to be fancy but if you're a fancy type of person, go all out. Do whatever feels natural. Make it unique to you. It's extremely important to relax and have fun while doing this. You're engaging in this type of exercise for positive gain right? If you're not in good spirits, put the project aside until you're feeling brighter. It can wait. You want your best energy flowing whenever it comes to manifesting.

It will probably feel like it's not complete when you're done creating. The great thing about this is you can leave extra space to add more details to the board later. Making a collage alone won't attract abundance into your life. You will need to take action. The work doesn't end when your vision board is complete.

Once you're confident your board is finished put it in a place where you will see it often. Place on the wall above your desk, incorporate it into your living room decor, on your fridge, wherever you will naturally glance. You shouldn't need to force yourself to look at it. It should just fit. The reason for creating the board is to alleviate your need to obsess over your wants. Get them out of your head and physically in front of you.

Here's an example of what ours looks like. It's hanging right over our soap curing racks. it's not the perfect example, but it's functional and quite a few items on the board have come to fruition.

Vision Board-Amentas Key-Handmade Soap-Georgia-Manifesting-Positive-Mindset-Affirmations-Law of Attraction-The Secret

You're not limited to posters either. Pink Owl Designs, an Etsy seller, will put your vision board onto a mug! How cool is that?! Sip on your coffee or tea while you manifest your ultimate dreams. il_570xn-1115014676_2rfz


Our Final Thoughts about Vision Boards: They are a very useful tool as long as you put action behind them. HAVE FUN, MANIFESTING! Let us know in the comments if you have had a positive experience creating a vision board. And feel free to share this blog, you never know who it may help.

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vision board-handmade-artist-artisan-small business-entrepreneur


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