15 Positive Affirmations You Can Use TODAY & every day...


affirmations-good-morning-beautiful-gorgeous-friday-tgif-gold-black-polka-dots-morning-meditation-self-love-self-care-amentas-key-georgia When you wake up in the morning before you grab your phone, before you brush your teeth, maybe even before you get out of bed, definitely before your mind wanders into that foggy space where you're concerned with what sort of stress the day may bring: feel accomplished for rising. Truly feel it. Accept and acknowledge an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Everything you do is a choice. Every feeling you have is a choice.

DISCLAIMER: Positive thinking is not a replacement for professional therapy. It is a holistic maintenance strategy for alleviating minor mindset blockages. If you suspect you have a chemical imbalance or suffer from depression, anxiety etc please seek care from a licensed mental health specialist.


  1. I am so happy to be alive right now
  2. I am ready
  3. I feel better
  4. I have time to meditate and clear my thoughts
  5. I love me more and more every day
  6. I am grateful for every blessing that comes my way
  7. I live and walk in my purpose
  8. Today is another opportunity for me to work on my goals
  9. I can rise above any obstacle placed ahead of me
  10. I have everything I need to live the life I dream
  11. I can see my progress. I've made it this far. I can push further.
  12. I embrace change, it inspires me to grow.
  13. It is easy for me to shift my mindset back into a positive and productive thought pattern. I decide to.
  14. My entire being is surrounded with a divine loving and healing energy
  15. I can only be me. I accept, appreciate and honor who I am.


How often do you think something negative about yourself? How often do you say something negative about yourself? It takes at least 3 positives to rule out a negative thought. Fill up on reasons to think of yourself at your best.

Arm yourself with information and examples of others on the same journey.  Find motivational speakers on youtube and create a playlist of their videos. Listen to them in the morning and/or before you go to bed, anytime you get a chance.

You can also print your favorite inspirational quotes and affirmations and display them around your home. Feel free to get creative with it.always look on the bright side of life-positive thinking-law of attraction

if you can dream it you can do it-positive affirmation-inspirational quote


Confirm your thoughts with ACTION!

Seeing is believing!

Think. Speak. Act.


It is not enough to simply wish things were better. It STARTS with thinking, but measurable actions will give fuel to the fire you're starting. Every time you achieve a goal, you will gain more confidence to complete another.

You don't have to believe in the law of attraction to practice and enjoy the benefits of positive thinking. Simply wishing away your problems and hoping for a solution is not a very effective approach to manifesting your greatness. However, actively seeking possibilities vs fixating on limitations can certainly bring forth the desired resolution. Adjust your mindset, change your reality.

We hope this has given you something to smile about today. Feel free to leave a comment with one of your favorite affirmations.

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