Vendor Event Notes: Preparing for a Successful Show!

Alright, you are officially on the vendor list for an upcoming event. Now what?! You're confirmed, Start planning!

Create Some Buzz! - Let EVERYONE know when and where to show up! Tell your people to bring their people. The more the merrier. Excitement is contagious. Hype up the event and spread some team spirit all around. Use social media but don't spam people. Give out personal invites. If you choose to call someone up first, also follow up with a written reminder. Maybe offer a special promotion people can use in-person and/or another for those who can't attend. Your approach will be based off of your brand.

Get those checklists flowing! - Your planner is your best friend. Do not assume you will remember to do ANYTHING. There's a lot to do and you need a good system of accountability. Have everything in one place! Stay Calm. Stay Sane. Stay organized. Use a binder AND use a digital calendar with reminders. Detail the following:

  1. Expenses (Print and Promo Materials such as brochures or banners, Supplies, Inventory, Booth/Table Decor, Meals & Snacks, Transportation, Your attire, etc...)
  2. Production Schedule (Every task you need to complete, map it out each week/day leading to showtime and stick to your deadlines.)
  3. Assign Team Tasks. Anyone who is assisting you needs to understand what you expect and everyone needs to be on the same page. Let them know precisely what needs to be done and when. Section it off with a break down Pre, During and Post Show. (Be conscious and careful with your tone.. Make it fun and exciting, not pushy and demanding).
  4. During the course of the event you may not get a chance to snack. You may barely get a chance to run to the bathroom depending on how busy it is. You need to stay hydrated. You need to stay energized and upbeat. Heavy meals may not work in your favor. Small quick snacks. I like clif bars (jussayin). Reach out to the organizers close to the day of to see if they can provide you with the run through. This will hopefully give you a good idea of the traffic flow.
  5. The After Party: You may wanna recover and relax when you make it back home. That is clearly necessary. Take a bubble bath. Have some wine. Get some rest for a day or two. Feel satisfied you survived the chaos that comes with doing an event. BUT the fun doesn't stop when the event is over. There is still more to be done. Know your goals for the event in and out. If you keep your end results in mind, it will drive the flow of everything else. You need to follow up with the people you meet at the event within a week's time. People move on rather quickly. Do not rely on anyone at the event to remember your charming personality. Do not assume they will keep your cards. Find a way to connect with them on the spot via social media AND invite them to sign up for your newsletter. Anything else you need to do after the event, write it out ahead of time. This way you know when you can really step back and relax.



Throughout the entire process, HAVE FUN!!! Vending at events is so much fun. Get all of the hard work out of the way before you arrive so that you can relax and be approachable when dealing with potential clients. So many people get anxious about public appearances and will do their best to avoid them. Any opportunity to share your talent with your audience is a gig worth taking! The more you get out and experience this type of adventure, the more you will learn and the more confidence you will gain.

Good Luck at your next show. Feel free to share a selfie at your booth in the comments section below and let us know if you have any tips for a successful vendor event!