Fun Kids Craft Project- Hand Made Soap

Our 4 year old daughter made her first batch of soap yesterday. She was very excited to do something she sees her mommy doing daily. Of course we couldn't make cold process soap. She's way too young to be able to handle Lye, so we purchased a kit from Hobby Lobby and had a lot of fun using the melt and pour bases. We added our own herbs, cosmetic glitter, and skin approved fragrance oils. This is how they came out. She did well and is very excited to make more. She has a long list of strawberry varieties she wants to make next... we'll see.

This project is perfect for holiday stocking stuffers, Christmas and birthday gifts from kids to Grandma, a fun home school activity, rainy day craft project, or just a good way to bond with your kiddies. It can get messy, but the beauty of it is... it's soap! It cleans up rather easy!

The kit we purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was $19.99, we used their 40% off coupon.


Kiki holding and admiring her favorite bar from the batch....


Encourage your kids to create. Have Fun. Make A Mess. Enjoy. Repeat.