Dream Building - Keep Moving

When you're investing all of your time, energy and resources into your project, YOUR VISION, and have yet to see your dream manifest in reality, your motivation to continue on your journey can take a serious hit. Your confidence will be tested. Your drive and commitment to your cause can begin to dwindle. The light of excitement and hope from when you first began to take actions towards your goals will dim. Experiencing feelings of failure is 100% normal. It is a necessary part of the process. Embrace it, get over it. You have not failed yet. Failure is impossible if you really think about it. Did you fail? or Did you stop taking steps forward? Does giving up qualify you as a failure? Not if you redirect your focus. If your goal is to be a millionaire by 30 and you're 29 and have no clear path to becoming a millionaire within the year, you would still not be a failure. Your goal isn't really to be a millionaire by 30. It is to be a millionaire. So, if the big 3-0 ticks on by, and you have a flexible mindset and are determined to set a plan in motion that will get you to the million dollar mark, 31 may be your year, or maybe 45. The biggest dream killer is DOUBT. If you don't believe you can, you won't. Be uncompromising on your desired destination and extremely open to how and when you arrive.

Address your WHY?! Why were you certain this was something you wanted to do? If you can't remember why you started, you likely won't finish. Keep your reasons visibly accessible. Vision boards are great tools but your written plan of action, with a clearly stated mission, is also something you want to be able to easily reference.

Load yourself up with success stories. Seeing is believing. Adopt the mindset where if you know someone else has reached your goal, then it is possible! You can reach the finish line too! Ease your anxiety by overwhelming yourself with facts that support your vision.

Leave no stone unturned. Focus on solving problems and attack those issues from every possible angle. Note all of your resolutions. Each achievement, each check on your to-do list is an ego-boost. Let those YES marks fuel your next marks.

Bey came here to slay right? She was here? She's a survivor? She's not gon' give up? Her music is an affirmation to her journey. Keep your speech positive when discussing yourself, your business, your ideas and goals. It's not that you shouldn't share your downfalls and short-comings with your fans and even friends. It's more about being strategic about how much of your story is out there and not getting comfortable with the pats on the back for simply trying. You can always tell people about all of the hardships you faced AFTER you make it to where you're going. At this point in the game you need confirmation. You need to believe in your dreams and you need to believe in yourself. Anything that directly negates your ability to feel empowered is not going to help you and must be avoided.

That said, do not suffer in silence. Reach out to your trusted support team. If you don't have one, create one. Don't be shy about seeking professional help. Licensed therapists are paid to hear you out and help you sort through your life. Do not attempt to take your goals on alone. Your network is your net-worth. Surround yourself with people who have vision. People who know what it's like to chase their dreams. They will be able to relate to you more than those who have a negative outlook on life.

I could go on and on about how important it is to STAY POSITIVE. It sounds cliche and something we all KNOW is true but it's easily ignored. You should feel hopeful about your vision. If you're not, it's always best to take a break. RESET. Put your plans on pause and address the reasons why things aren't working before continuing. Stress kills creativity and productivity. Fight or flight responses limit your ability to see clearly. If you can't see in front of you, how do you expect to stay on course?

Manage your stress. Manage your mindset. Meditate. Pray. Write. Run a mile. Take a spa day. Take a weekend tour of your city. Listen to music. Finger Paint. Dance around your living room. Tell yourself every morning that you're the star of this show. Every night challenge yourself to write 1 thing you were grateful for that day. Consistently create reasons to celebrate where you have been and remind yourself where you are going.

There is no need to feel anxious about YOUR plans. You set the pace. You set the benchmark for success. YOU are the captain of this mission. It's time to launch. Get out there and grow. You do not need anyone's permission to be great.


Aunyx Burrell, Founding C.E.O. Amenta's Key, LLC