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Family owned

Made with Love from our Family to Yours.

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Influenced by natural elements, we aspire to create a unique "Joie de Vivre" experience for everyone. We design guilt-free gourmet goodies that are beautiful, eco-friendly and ethically made. One of our primary ingredients is Olive Oil. Olive Oil has been and continues to be used throughout many cultures for its mild cleansing and moisturizing properties. We draw on ancient traditions with our modern techniques to produce premium quality personal care items. We work in small batches as to not waste and to carefully monitor quality. We truly enjoy crafting fresh handmade beauty products, naturally.



Amenta’s Key was more of a hobby for us when we got started. It was a stress relief activity. We started with sugar scrubs, then made our way into natural soaps and expanded from there.

We take more of a unique approach to personal care. Although many of our items are inspired by gourmet treats, they're packed with skin loving, nourishing ingredients. All skincare products are 95-100% natural, eco-friendly, ethically made and never tested on animals. We understand every body is unique and has different skincare needs.

Our goal, in the beginning, was to formulate a product that could be used by anyone. We source ingredients known to be gentle on the skin. Our handmade soaps, especially, have had the most positive feedback. They're designed for you to feel sterile clean without a drying sensation, and without leaving a layer of film behind on your skin. Often the response is "I don't have to use as much lotion after showering" or "loved how soft my skin felt afterward."

It's an amazing feeling knowing we're helping others feel great doing something as simple as showering.

In the press...


2015 American Small Business Champions

Presented by The Score Foundation and Sam's Club

"handmade at its best."

— HANDMADE MAGAZINE vol 56 page 17

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